Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crochet Dress ♥

Size: 34, 36/38, and 40/42. Figures for sizes 36/38 and 40/42 are given in parentheses, in ascending order, separated by a dash. If only one figure is given, it applies for all three sizes.
Materials: Schoeller + Stahl “Limone” (100% cotton, approx. 125 m/140 yds/50 g): 500 (550- 600) g of lime green, col 153; 1.5 m/60'' of green satin ribbon, 20 mm/3/4" wide; 1 addi crochet hook, size 3.5 mm (USE/4).
Treble with base loop: Crochet 4 ch, make 1 yarn round hook (yrh), insert hook in the 1st ch, draw 1 loop through, and crochet off with 1 yrh. Then crochet off 2 loops twice, as for normal tr. For each new tr, make 1 yrh and insert hook in the base loop of the last tr with base loop.
Basic pattern A: Work in rows foll crochet chart A. Replace the 1st tr of each row with 3 ch. The foundation is not worked with ch but with tr with base loops. Horizontally, work the 2 sts before the 1 st arrow, then rep the 3 sts between the arrows cont, and end with the 2 sts after the 2nd arrow. Vertically, work rows 1 - 4 once, then rep rows 3 and 4 cont.
Basic pattern B: Work in rnds foll crochet chart B. Replace the 1st tr of each row with 3 ch and close each rnd with 1 slst in the upper of the 3 ch. In some cases, work slst to reach beginning of the next rnd, see beginning of rnds 3, 5, 7, and 9. Close rnds 3, 7, and 9 with 1 ch and 1 tr in the upper of the 3 replacement-chs, see tr with arrow in the crochet chart - this replaces the last 4 ch of the rnd. Horizontally, rep the patt rep between arrows cont. Vertically, work rnds 1-9 once, then rep rnds 6-9 cont. To complete the skirt, crochet rnd 10 once.
Tension gauges: 24 sts and 9 rows of basic pattern A = 10 x 10 cm/4" x 4"; 2.5 patt reps and 7 rnds of basic pattern B = 10 x 10 cm/4" x 4". First crochet the bodice front and back in rows then crochet the skirt in rnds. Back: In the 1 st row, crochet 97 (106-115) tr with base loops. Then, beginning with row 2, work basic pattern A, rep the patt rep 31 (34-37) times per row. When work measures 15 cm/ 6'' = 14 rows from begin of work, leave 9 sts unworked on each side, for the armholes, then leave 2 sts unworked on each side of every 2nd row, 3 more times = 67 (76-85) sts. When work measures 11 (12-13) cm/43/8" (43/4"-51/4") = 10 (11 -12) rowsfrom beginning of armholes, leave the centre 41 (44-47) sts unworked, for the neck, and complete each half separately. Work 8 cm/31/4” = 7 rows (measured from beginning of neck) more over the 13 (16-19) Then beginning with row 2, work basic pattern A, rep the patt rep shoulder sts, to complete the 1st half. Complete the 2nd half in the same manner.
Front: Work as for back, but for the lower neck, leave centre 41 (44-47) sts unworked when work measures 19 (20-21) cm/71/2" (7"-71/2") = 17 (18- 19) rows and complete each half separately as described for back. Sleeve: In the 1st row, work 61 (67-76) tr with base loops. Then, beginning with row 2, work basic pattern A, rep the patt rep 19 (21-24) times per row. When sleeve measures 33 cm/ 13" = 30 rows, leave 9 sts unworked on each side, to begin sleeve cap. Then, in every row, leave 2 sts unworked at end of row 5 (4-3) times and leave 3 sts unworked at end of row 6 (8-10) times = 15 (17-22) sts. When work measures 14 (15-16) cm/51/2" (6"-61/2") = 13 (14-15) rows from beginning of sleeve cap, the sleeve is complete. Make the 2nd sleeve identically.
Finishing: Block pieces, dampen, and let dry. Sew side, sleeve, and shoulder seams. Set in sleeves. Crochet around neck edge with 2 rnds of dc, skipping over the sts in the corners.
Skirt: The skirt is crocheted onto lower edge of bodice, in rnds, foil crochet chart B - gray rnd of crochet chart represents 1st row of bodice. In 1st rnd work a total of 192 (208-224) sts = 24 (26-28) patt rep. When skirt measures 70 cm/ 273/4" = rnds 1 - 9 once and rnds 6-9 10 times, work rnd 10 of crochet chart B to finish the skirt.


  1. Hi, what is the difference between a foundation done with chains and one done with trebles with base loops?


  3. Thank you for a great pattern, just made myself one in black cotton and got so many complements


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