Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Delicate Summer Blouse .

Summer crochet blouse decorated with delicate Edge, and such delicate fringe gives it a romance.
Closes with one button.


     260g 100% cotton, medium thickness
     Hook - 3.0 mm
     Button 1 - 2 cm


     chest circumference: 95 cm
     back width at the shoulders - 36 cm
     length on the back - 51.5 cm
     sleeve length - 36 cm

Dial string of 131 n main pattern and knit upwards as the scheme or 32 rows 26.5 cm Focusing on the scheme, armholes for the sleeves. Next, from the beginning of armhole bind 20 rows to the neck, leave unworked 55 loops and tie shoulder 2 row first right, then left, then bind to a new thread.


Dial a chain of 66 n and basic knit pattern upwards to armholes. Armholes, guided by the scheme. Further work from the beginning to knit the neck, just 44 rows.


Dial a chain of 81 n and basic knit pattern upwards considering bevels sleeves. See the diagram.

Sew along the bottom of the details and dial 127 on the back loops, and on the shelves for 63 loops and knit pattern for border Diagram
Sew sleeves and sewn into the armholes and
Diagram B.

Tie neck edges of shelves and 3 rows of openwork pattern according to the scheme.

In the top spot on the edge of the front notch to sew a button.


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