Friday, May 9, 2014

beautiful crochet raffia bag !

Crochet raffia bags are the latest fashion trend seasons. Designers offer a very interesting solution , which appear as a result of a truly beautiful crocheted bags. Very unpretentious model , which is not even worth paint scheme - so everything is clear and easy to read in the photo. Easy to repeat , which is very pleasing
   Extremely interesting design method to create a form bags. As you can see on the pictures , the bag is connected simple rectangular shape , the bulk of the circle fit and stylish trapezoid shaped bag can be given on request by using buttons that are sewn on the sides. Raffia looks very stylish and unusual even in simple knitting pattern . Repeating pattern of columns not only simplifies the model , but , on the contrary , makes it emphatically stylish . As you can see from the pictures , Prada offered a fairly wide range of color and texture interpretations , offering really interesting ideas for knitted bags.

 It's just me trying to find some diagrams which help us to make it,
this is all i have ,, so i hope you get Benefit :)

  ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. The most beautiful bag I ever seen.

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  3. complimenti , veramente bella


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