Tuesday, March 25, 2014

very simple crochet tunic !

This is very interesting, elegant and at the same time very simple crochet tunic from designer Catherine Malandrino.
Catherine Malandrino - the famous American fashion designer of French origin is one of those designers whose bright and very individual style guessed easily. Fashion house Malandrino is known for its very unusual and stunningly feminine dresses.

     Designer Collections are usually filled with very special, charming eclecticism. It's not just a game with fabrics and textures, it is also mixing eras and styles, is the story of European and American costume in the breaking of modern trends of high fashion and practical style of the big city. Designer, really outstanding and very interesting, I highly recommend to see her collection, it is worth it.

Tunics from Catherine Malandrino are particularly beautiful. The highlight of her collections - floor-length dresses straight silhouette, whose design is based on a combination of several different types of lace or crochet patterns. 

    Catherine's famous statement: "I would like to make finesse and softness in the wardrobe of the modern woman." That she certainly succeeded. Even presented tunic is a case in point. In this model very successfully combines sports and romantic style. It is practical, comfortable and very stylish thing for her chosen very good combination of colors. Here, an effect in which a very simple crochet pattern looks unusual, and the whole thing attracts attention, although it would seem, nothing special in it. Essential practical thing for the summer season, simple in design and very cute,I recommend Diva yarn from Alize, I think would be great for this


  1. Salam 'alaikum Omaima, that is very pretty.

  2. I really want to make this tunic. Can I get more details of the pattern


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