Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Different Techniques to Joining crochet motifs !

There are so many things crocheted with crochet motifs and squares. The only problem with making something with these motifs and squares is joining them. So I collect some popular methods for you,
 you will find different solutions for joining different motifs,will make a huge difference in the way your project ends up looking. You could choose a textured join or a flatter join, a decorative join or one that nearly disappears into the work,we will want to be joining our granny squares to create a blanket or other item I thought we could do a roundup of all the different techniques so you can plan your blanket. Some of these methods allow you to join as you go which is pretty handy if you are making a large blanket,tablecloth or what you want, It's up to you! Once you're aware of all the creative possibilities, perhaps you'll see joining in a whole new light,
 choose for finishing. 


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